Survey says…

Thank you to all who completed Design Research Survey #1! Your participation is very much appreciated. It only makes sense to apply science to the process of designing a science education platform. 🙂

Here are some interesting findings:

Average age of respondents: 47.1
The youngest respondent is 10, the oldest is 93. I was hoping to get more young people in this survey, but it was interesting and unexpected that so many people over 40 are interested in science education. I guess we need to broaden our focus from elementary schoolers, and plan for general audiences!

Map of Science Survey #1 Respondents
Map of Science Survey #1 Respondents

Survey respondent zip codes have been mapped at Easy Mapmaker and are shown in the graphic.

A majority of respondents ranked the smartphone as their primary device. That will definitely factor into the design. We’ll be sure to have a mobile-friendly platform that can be viewed on any device.

Self-rating of science knowledge: Biology is by far where most people feel that they have best education, with 25 respondents selecting this as their strength. Physics and Earth Science are distant seconds, with 9/8 respondents each, and Chemistry had only one respondent declare it as a strength.

Many people wrote in Computer Science as their area of scientific expertise, which is an interesting question in itself. Is Computer Science really a science? I think of it more as applied math. But apparently many people do see it as a branch of the sciences, and the one that they know best.

Physics is the area where most respondents feel weak, followed closely by Chemistry, and Biology in a distant third place. Only 3 respondents selected Earth Science as an area of weakness. People who responded that Computer Science was their strong point often said that Biology was their weakest point; they know computers well, but living things, not so much. We can help with that!

It’s not too late to participate at the link above. Thank you for your support as we plan this project!